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1- The completed form must arrive at the dedicated email address on the website.
2- DO
- enclose/aach a Curriculum Vitae
- Enclose/aach any cerficates and other documents.
The successful candidate will be required to present original documents in relaon to teaching/other qualificaons prior to selecon.

Applicant’s Personal Details
Name : Mobile Phone No
Correspondence Address Landline No.
  E-mail Address
Total length of accredited service as a in your country Total length of accredited services in other countries
Qualificaon at Primary Level
Qualificaon(s) Awarding University,
College or Instute
Final results received:
Details of Academic Qualificaons – most recent first Include under- graduate& post-graduate qualificaons. The successful candidate will be asked to present original documents
Qualificaon Awarding University,
College or Instute
Length of Course Final results received:
work experience - most recent first
CO Name & Address JOB Posion(s) held Dates
Post(s) of Responsibility Held (if any) – Most recent first
CO Name Address Posion(s) held Dates
Addional qualificaons :
College(s) Qualificaon Year of Award Modules Studied
Other relevant, non-accredited courses – most recent first:
Course Provider Duraon and Year of Study Modules Studied
Please provide a broad overview of your experience or knowledge IN YOUR SPECIAL FIELD THAT YOU ARE PROFESSIONAL
what strengths or qualies would you bring to OBTAIN THIS PARTICULAR SIGN?
Email Address:
Be King
This competition is yearly and may be a person, company or commodity take the certificate of king tittle for several years.
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