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Conditions and Further Details
It is worth noting that the people, who want to register for king title until receiving the official email from the organization by the end of the second stage, will not pay any cost.
Before the second stage confirmation it is not necessary to pay any fee.
Payment will be done in two ways.
1- Officially settle to the licensed agency account in your country
2- To the introduced accounts by the organization directly

All the process will be announced to the applicant by our organization official email.
You can follow up the process with issue tracking by organization email.All archiving system of organization is automation and mechanization.
This title and receipt of king sign because of difficult conditions for obtaining it and passing through different scientific and professional filters has very high validity , scientific and technical value in the world and has valuable advertising aspects for favorites of this title.
On the other hand, their names will be published in the king global book annually at the end of each year.
Be King
This competition is yearly and may be a person, company or commodity take the certificate of king tittle for several years.
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