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“The moments and minutes, hours and days, weeks, months, years of our lives are like flower_ pots.
They may be left empty, may be filled with dirt, may be planted with all sorts of flowers, tulips.
daffodils sweet roses and narcissus.

How beautiful are the flower_ pots with spring flowers.”

As you read in this concrete poem, our lives have been linked to flower_ pots because both are empty and we can fill them either with dirt or beautiful flowers. People who are natural leader, benevole, inspires loyalty and trouble_shooter. they usually plant beautiful flowers because they are the CEO of their lives, they are KING of their lives even their kingdoms are the size of their shoulders. Although they are too small for kings who are born leaders and others will tend to automatically look to them for leadership and direction, they are happy making far_ reaching decisions that affect many people; this feature and King title donation organization by assigning king title to those who had already been detected and survived in the field of their jobs or they are talented, make them distinctive of others and causes they make their kingdoms great therefore all their dreams come true.

Be King
This competition is yearly and may be a person, company or commodity take the certificate of king tittle for several years.
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